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KIMEX Praha, s.r.o. - e-shop, bytové doplňky

We offer online sales of furniture. Offer tables, bedrooms, chairs, racks and shelves.

Českobratrská 144/4, Letovice

Vilém Makovička - M-tech

Offers locksmith and blacksmith work. Manufacture of handrails, gates, fences, stairs, and smaller structures.

Potoční 2262/33, Boskovice

Hotel MACOCHA - restaurace

We offer restaurant and bar for family celebrations, weddings and graduations. The possibility of organizing training courses, seminars, corporate events and parties. We offer accommodation in 47 double rooms, 116 beds, the site Blansko Moravian Karst caves Punkevní in scope and BVV Brno.

Svitavská 303/2, Blansko

Ing. Patrik Hořava - autorizovaný inženýr

We offer construction advice. Develop projects, the construction budget, construction supervision for authorized and unauthorized persons. Implementing the redevelopment of buildings and removal of moisture and mold without the cutting and the operation method HYDROPOL (houses, buildings, warehouses).

Zahradní 317, Černá Hora

Obast, spol. s r.o. - Instalatérství a topenářství

We offer implementation of plumbing work.

Na Horce 92, Doubravice nad Svitavou

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